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Fertility Issues

The loneliness of infertility can feel at times, unbearable. Getting lost in the fog of trying for a baby is all too common.You may be feeling like it ‘may just never happen for me’....well stop that thought process right now.

When you are struggling to conceive it is your GPs job to check what is going on ‘physically’ . However the issue with fertility is not always as simple as a physiological problem. By now you may have been prodded and poked to within an inch of your life, had numerous blood tests and scans to rule out abnormal ovulation, low sperm count, hormone imbalances? . However people often forget to take into account the affects our emotional wellbeing can have on our ‘physical wellbeing’. I take a more holistic view and help clients assess the emotional and lifestyle factors that may be affecting their ability to conceive and use evidence based therapy to ‘reboot the system’.

Currently, in the UK approximately one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving which equates to about 3.5 million people seeking help to start or grow their family.

There are a number of factors which could be preventing you from conceiving. Lets take a quick look at stress as an example. High levels of stress can essentially suppress key reproductive hormones, which in turn can reduce egg quality, delay the release of eggs, or inhibit the implantation of an egg once it is fertilised. All of which reduces a couple's chances of successful conception and a healthy pregnancy. 

 If either partner holds deeply stressful thoughts about becoming a parent, feels overwhelmed by pressure from others to get pregnant, or holds traumatic memories of past experiences, then the body responds to these internal messages by suppressing the chances of successful conception.

Once the stress is released the pathway to conception is often miraculously cleared. 

Why use hypnotherapy 

A study published in Fertility And Sterility 55% of the previously infertile women who used mind/body techniques conceived, compared with 20% of the control group who didn't use these techniques. The in body connection is extremely powerful and nt to be taken lightly. 

My sessions are unique and tailored for each client as everyone and their struggles are different. 

Price £250 per hour 

Location Harley Street, Central London 

Book now for your free 20 minute consultation. 

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