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Weight Loss and Emotional Eating

Don't miss out on 95% of your life just to weigh 5% less.

Live for every moment while reaching your ideal weight at the same time

How many times have you not worn the beautiful dress because of the way you felt you looked? How many times have you stared blankly into the fridge looking for comfort? How many times have you chosen not to go to an event because you are not at the weight you would like to be at? How many times have you ordered a salad at dinner when you wanted the pasta and then returned home and eaten everything in sight? How many times have you not wanted to go to the gym as you are not confident enough or because you hate exercise?). How many times have you not gone swimming with your children as you couldn't bear the thought of getting into a swimming suit? The list is endless. 

Why do we overeat?

All these precious memories went to waste because of your own self-limiting beliefs about your worth and negative associations relating to food. Overeating manifests due to external life stressors, or from a triggering situation when we learned negative associations ( e.g  a death of a loved one, divorce, loneliness, etc). Typically food is used as a coping mechanism as it provides a source of comfort and unfortunately most of the time this is 'bad food'. Overeating can also be caused by positive memories with food such as, happy family times at the dinner table, your mum bringing you a snack after school? These, although pleasant memories have created an a strong relationship with food. Food is meant to be enjoyed but when you are putting your health at risk you need to look at the choices you are making.

Your negative associations ( eg. I feel lonely but this donut will make me happy) which are sabotaging your weight loss. This means that no matter how hard you try to 'lose the weight' you will always be stuck in an endless cycle of diet culture and extreme weight loss regimes. This in turn only reinforces the negative beliefs you have about your weight and its relation to your self-worth. 

Hypnotherapy will help you lose the weight you have been so 'focused' on while also allowing you to live your life to the full.No crash diets or extreme anything. Learn to love yourself and the body you are in and watch the weight fall off.  

Body Image and Weight Loss

In order to get to Point B ( your goal weight), you need to first recognize you are at Point A ( current weight). You have already achieved this first step by being on this website and considering hypnotherapy.

 From here it is important to know that you are beautiful. I repeat you are beautiful. Repeat after me...'I am beautiful'. Wanting to be fitter, healthier, stronger and slimmer should not mean living a less fulfilling life.

The program allows you to achieve your body goals while learning to love your self, Truly love yourself. 

In order to do this to you need to begin to UNLEARN OR RE-WIRE  these negative thought patterns otherwise you will never achieve a state of true happiness and appreciation for your body. 

The Hypnotherapy by Hayley Weight Loss Program

My program is designed for long term results and ultimately 2 goals: 

1.Lose the weight you want to lose 

2.Love the body you have been blessed with.

Using an evidence-based approach and combination of core belief hypnotherapy to uncover why you 'over eat' or 'hate' exercise and then CBT to rewire negative autosuggestions into positive ones we will get you to your goal weight and create healthy life long habits.  

The combination of Clinical Hypnotherapy and CBT is an evidence-based approach to resolving problems at a deeper level. It is exceptionally powerful.

£250 per session - min 3 sessions required.

Weight Loss, Healthy Food Relationships, Emotional Eating: Services & Goals
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